Mike Trpcic

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  • February 09, 2011

    Introducing PathJS - Routing for the Real World

    As the web experience continues to evolve, more and more people are coming to expect "Web Applications" instead of "Web Sites". HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, and a ton more acronyms all help us reach the goal of turning our website into ...

  • January 04, 2011

    Staying Fresh

    I recently took a hiatus from doing any personal software development, and for good reason as well. Over the past month, I was feeling a little bit tired of what I was doing; starting to feel "burnt out", if you will. This is a huge pr...

  • January 04, 2011

    Twisted: Static Content with Dynamic Pages

    When I was first learning about the twisted.web server framework, I made the mistake of trying to include an external stylesheet from my server. Much to my dismay, it simply wouldn't load. Eventually I figured out that I wasn't telling Twi...

  • November 22, 2010

    The fine line between 'Code' and 'Good Code'

    I've been spending a fair bit of my spare time working on my current project, and one of the major issues I'm having right now is drawing the fine line between writing code, and writing good code.How many times have you sat down with a goo...