Mike Trpcic

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  • January 14, 2016

    Deep Diving into ORMs

    It's rare that I advocate writing something from scratch when an off-the-shelf solution will fit your needs perfectly, as is almost always the case with an ORM. This time, I got a little too curious, and I wanted to know how the sausage was m...

  • January 03, 2016

    Passwords Don't Need to be Complicated

    The state of the password has changed a lot over the past several decades, and unfortunately, not for the better. First, everyone had a few online accounts, and using the same password for the two or three accounts you might have had was probably...

  • January 01, 2016

    New Year, New Site

    For a long time, my site has sat stangnant, a desolate and dusty Wordpress blog that contained a few thoughts and musings from years past. I've tried, over and over, to get back into content creation for my personal site, but I always fall sh...

  • May 13, 2013

    Phonebook.js - Managing Your AJAX Soup

    With the onset of modern web technologies and the advent of the MVC/VM wars, it was pretty much forgotten that a lot of projects aren't in the right place to use these new "auto-ajax" toolsets. Perhaps they're legacy projects, or...

  • February 20, 2013

    Project, Process, Profit

    For the past several weeks, there has been a lot of discussion both online and in my office about the "ideal" practices when it comes to software development. What steps should be taken before you start coding? How much planning should...