Mike Trpcic

About Me

I'm a full stack engineer (and manager) living and working in San Francisco, CA.

Born and raised in Canada, I made the move to the Bay Area in 2013 to join Weebly.com as an Engineer, which has since changed to Director of Engineering. Previously, I was working at Top Hat to make coursework better for students and teachers alike. I've also worked at Fluid Media doing consultancy and client work, as well as brief stints at Mohawk IdeaWorks (focusing on Electronic Health Record visualization and analysis) and Storeimage (focusing on SCM and logistics).

I'm interested in almsot anything programming related, with a particular interest in bringing the versatility of web technologies to the desktop. I currently work with PHP and Javascript, and spend my spare time working with Python, Ruby, Rails, with a sprinkling of everything in between on top.

Want to chat about something? Want to collaborate on a project, or work with me? Feel free to get in touch!